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image Alcaideas Marina
image Alcaidesa Marina
image Alcaidesa Marina
image Alcaideas Marina
image Alcaideas Marina
image Alcaideas Marina
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Alcaidesa Marina

"The Gateway to the Mediterranean"

Alcaidesa Marina it is located in the Straits of Gibraltar, where the Mediterranean welcomes boaters, a prime location, indisputably The gateway to the Mediterranean. A unique natural enclave  within the Gibraltar Bay , an ideal home port or stay in transit.

Our clients say

Multiatlas, S.L. Fantastic place to leave your boat Facebook
Ana Gavilan Alvarez Quiet place outdoors where you can enjoy a walk or a good meal in your... Facebook
Antonio Espinosa García-Valdecasas Good price. Decent and clean toilets. The girls in the tower and the sailors... Facebook
Adel EL KHARRAZ BENNAIM A charming place with a lot of tourists from different countries is a good... Facebook
Françoise Poveda Marina very comfortable, clean and well organized who had the great idea to... Google reviews
Juan Antonio Maldonado It is one of the best ports in Europe ........ So close to two worlds .... Google reviews

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